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December 17, 2013


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On the particular evening in question, it would have been seen as very unwise to venture through the doors of 221B Baker street. This was because the three people inside were in a sour mood, caused by extreme tiredness. John sat in his chair with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Sherlock sat in his chair with his fingers firmly planted under his chin. You, (Name) were sitting on the couch with one leg crossed over the other in a feminine sitting position but your face held utter exhaustion and anger. The poor mood shared by the three had been caused by the over abundance of cases. Normally Sherlock would have been like a child in a candy store but these cases were boring and repetitive and required very little thought. However, looking for any sort of distraction Sherlock had been dragging you and your brother John all over London for an entire month. You had all gotten minimal sleep and sustenance.

The door of the apartment opened gingerly and Mrs. Hudson dropped another two plastic bags filled with letters ad cases for the three. She quickly scampered out as she could feel the deathly vibe emanating from the room’s occupants. The door didn’t close and a quiet courteous greeting was exchanged before an umbrella poked Sherlock’s cheek. Sherlock didn’t flinch, but his scowl deepened slightly.

“You pride yourself on manners Mycroft. That wasn’t very courteous.” Sherlock stated calmly turning slightly to glare at his older brother.

“I never said I pride myself on manners when it comes to you, now have I?”Mycroft returned before turning to John. Mycroft saw the state of him and turned to glare at Sherlock.

“Not everyone is like you Sherlock, John is a normal fellow and needs his sleep and food.” Mycroft stated scolding Sherlock further. Sherlock huffed and he fiddled with the top button of his purple shirt (of*cough*se*cough*x). Mycroft noticed a new edition to the duo. Obviously he knew she was there, as he liked to keep tabs on his brother, but he had never seen her before. He sauntered across the room and extended his hand. You looked at his hand before shaking it firmly. Mycroft made a mental note of her good handshake. You smiled up at him.

“Mycroft Holmes, Sherly’s older brother.” Mycroft said clarifying his situation, but you knew perfectly well who he was. You had a knack for noticing things others would not. You were not at the level of Sherlock or Mycroft but you were getting there. Sherlock was secretly ecstatic to have you on cases as it was nice to have someone who could see what he could.

“(Name) Watson, John’s slightly, older sister.” (Name) stated smirking. Mycroft raised his eyebrows slightly and perused his lips playfully. Sherlock cleared his throat uncomfortably as did John. You looked up at Mycroft before returning your hand to your side. Sherlock shifted to face Mycroft who had turned to lean on his umbrella.

“What do you want exactly, Mycroft?!” Sherlock barked. Mycroft rolled his eyes and pushed his lips out.

“Mummy rang and she’s worried about you Sherly. She wants you to come visit her, oh and you are welcome to bring your entourage.” Mycroft stated simply throwing his umbrella into the air and catching it. He grasped your hand and kissed it delicately making eye contact. You couldn’t hide your blush as hard as you tried.

“Farewell (Name), may our paths cross in the near future.” He whispered before leaving swiftly and closing the door softly behind him. Sherlock heard a buzz from his phone and checked it.

Your train leaves in an hour
Don’t be late

Sherlock scowled at the phone. Mycroft must have been hurrying if he resorted to texting. John turned to you as Sherlock began to rant about how Mycroft was brazen enough to book tickets for the three of you without even asking.

“What was that?!” John cried disbelievingly. You turned to him, giving him an innocent look. John scowled at you slightly before clarifying.

“You were smitten with him!” John cried, you smirked but just continued to stare at John.

“Hmm and let’s just say, metaphorically of course, that if I was smitten with him, why does it concern you?” You questioned leaning back into the couch. John just stood up and walked away from you. You felt slightly guilty for angering him but it wasn’t any of his concern. Sherlock yelled for you and John to pack, fast! You quickly moved to your room and tossed random clothes into your case without looking. Sherlock was waiting by the door stamping his foot impatiently. He grasped you and you grasped John’s hand, Sherlock ignored the taxi’s and ran. He was working through his anger towards his brother. Both you and John were fit to collapse after a flat out sprint to the train station. Sitting on the train John sat beside Sherlock and the two glared at you.

“What?!” You cried, Sherlock’s brow raised in fake surprise.

“Oh I wonder, Oh Mycroft heheh!” He cried imitating your voice, poorly, for the last part. You sighed.

“So what if Mycroft is my cuppa’ tea?” You asked and watched the give you the ‘seriously’ face.

“(Name) he’s a total ass, plus we have to deal with him enough as it is.” John stated ordering a coffee and sipping it. You huffed loudly and looked out the train window and watched as the city turned to country side filled with trees and fields. The train ride continued in the awkward silence for the most part but you couldn’t take it.

“Fine, I’m sorry, I’ll attempt not to fall for him!” You cried and the family in the booth across from you looked over worriedly. You smiled at them sheepishly.

“Okay fine we’re sorry too.” John stated rubbing the back of his neck, which you knew he did when he felt guilty or anxious, you guessed it was option one. The train pulled to an abrupt halt and you noticed you were in the middle of nowhere. Sherlock sighed and beckoned you out of the train. There right before your eyes stood Mycroft with a car waiting for the three of you. The car was old and a dark green and absolutely stunning. He was inspecting his umbrella and turned with a smile when you greeted him. Mycroft opened the door for you and hoped in the passenger side in the front. Of course he was going to let Sherly drive. The ride was awkward for everyone but luckily it didn’t last long. Iron gated stood before you and intricate ‘H’ was in the centre. Behind the gates up a gravely path laced with flowers on either side stood a huge Victorian style mansion. You jaw dropped and Mycroft laughed seeing you in the rear view mirror. Sherlock rolled his eyes and sped up.  Waiting at the door stood a tall older woman. Her grey hair stood in a bun at the back of her head and she wore a beautiful dress suit. The skirt was long and the blazer was held closed by gorgeous silver buttons. The suit was a dark purple and she fixed her glasses on her head and smiled as the car pulled up. She slowly made her way down the steps and as Sherlock and Mycroft made a move towards her, she enveloped them in an iron hug.

“I haven’t seen my babies together in so long!!!” She cried into their chests. You smiled seeing she missed her children. Her eyes lit up when she saw two others. She ran to John and pulled at his cheeks.

“Sherly, is this your boyfriend?” She cried happily but John explained that they were just roommates. She then made her way over to you and grasped your hand in hers. She looked you over with a small smile on her lipstick covered lips. She looked at her boys.

“You’re very beautiful, dear.” She smiled kindly and you blushed even redder when Mycroft walked up to both of you and agreed with her.

“She is isn’t she. This is (Name) Watson and Sherlock’s friend over there is John Watson her brother.” Mycroft stated smoothly smirking at you. Sherlock scoffed from behind his mother. How could Sherlock dislike seeing her she was so sweet. Sherlock looked over at you and as if he read your mind he answered.

“She’s so caught up in us finding our significant other! That’s why!” Sherlock stated angrily. What was up with him? Ever since you had met Mycroft a few hours ago he had been crabby.

After entering the house you all sat down to have a cup of tea. It was less uncomfortable and you sat beside Mycroft and conversed quietly. You looked to Sherlock who was explaining things to John as his mother listened intently.

“Sherlock, could you pass the milk please?” You asked politely, Sherlock nodded and handed it to you but your hand slipped and all the milk spilt over you. You laughed quietly and excused yourself. You had discovered their mothers name was Eleanor and she directed you to a changing room. You quickly pulled on a pair of clean pants and then realised you hadn’t packed any shirts. Throwing you wet shirt back on you made your way to the tea room.

“I don’t have ay shirts, I forgot to pack them.” You said sheepishly and saw Sherlock smirk and John laugh. Even Mycroft couldn’t suppress a chuckle and Eleanor smiled with a soft giggle.  

“Can I borrow one off someone?” You asked. Sherlock and Mycroft jumped to their feet offering to give you one of theirs. John and Eleanor just smirked and happily conversed with each other.

(1) “Mycroft could I?”
(2) “Sherly, would it be ok?”


Mycroft took your hand and led you to his room. You blushed at the thought of going to his room alone with him. You had only just met him but you couldn’t help the bubbling feeling in your chest. Mycroft opened the door for you and then proceeded in behind you. He shut the door softly and went to a suit case he had left there earlier. He pulled out a (fav.colour) shirt and handed it to you.  

“Turn around and no peaking!” You stated playfully.

“Aw where is the fun in that my dear?” He retorted and you blushed a deep red. You turned your back to his and slipped off the wet shirt and shrugged on Mycroft’s one delicately. You buttoned it up swiftly leaving the top few open to give it a more feminine look. It smelled like tea with a hint of chocolate and pen ink, just like him. Mycroft turned when you called him.

“How do I look?”

“Stunning.” He smiled and walked over to you. You looked at his lips and before you knew what was happening you smashed your lips against his. You moved your mouths in sync and happily deepened the kiss at his request. Pulling away he leaned down and rested his forehead against yours.

“I could get used to you borrowing my shirts more often.” Mycroft said with a breathy


Sherlock led you to his room and walked in swiftly finding a shirt quickly. He pulled out a (fav.colour) shirt and threw it at you. He was being so aggressive and solitary. Why was he being so cold towards you.

“Sherlock what is wrong with you?!” You cried feeling your eyes sting. You wouldn’t cry in front of him, but it was hard not to thinking he hated you. To hell with it you couldn’t hold back the tears. It hurt thinking the man you loved hated you. Sherlock turned abruptly and awkwardly pulled you into a hug.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I don’t like the idea of Mycroft taking you away.” He whispered burying his face in your neck. You eyes widened and you held him at arms length. He looked at you with his glassy blue eyes. You wiped you tears and smiled at him.

“I’m never leaving you, I...I love you Sherlock.” You stated hoping your vulnerable heart would not be crushed. But Sherlock did something very out of character, he smashed his lips against yours in a passionate kiss, showing the world you were his and he was yours. He hands moved to hold you tighter and he shoved you onto the bed kissing you still. Leaning over you he smirked.

“My dear, wear my shirts more often.” He stated huskily before claiming your lips again.
This is just a little story I did cuz I love Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch. Enjoy! Tell me who you picked. :)
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