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December 27, 2013


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Sherlock scowled at the Christmas themed window displays. He could not comprehend why so many celebrated it as most didn’t even understand its meaning. However he was Christmas shopping as you asked him so softly and sweetly, you had been sanding in the doorway of his room fiddling with your hair sweetly. John went off by himself to get some presents in different sections. You gently grabbed Sherlock’s hand and led him to the men’s section. He stood watching you as you pulled numerous shirts out, holding them up to his chest. Sherlock didn’t argue, you knew what looked good on almost anyone. You smiled happily seeing something but not informing Sherlock, who luckily was looking over at a young couple and scowling at them causing them to scamper away. You gently tugged on Sherlock’s white shirt and pulled his head down. Lifting his collar from his neck you check the size. Sherlock took your hand this time and led you to the women’s section. He knew it would be rude to ask a woman her size so he just went with what looked right. Smirking to himself he saw the perfect gift.

“Right I know we both have found something, meet me at the check-outs in ten minutes.” He stated before sending you off and retrieving your gift when you were gone. You smiled happily and pulled out the sexist purple shirt that had ever graced the world and you just stared at it in awe as you could imagine Sherlock totally rocking purple. You blushed but continued to smile, picturing Sherlock modelling for you. Checking your watch, you still had seven minutes to meet Sherlock so you decided to look for something for John. You pouted when nothing seemed to be a good gift for the adorable man. However your disappointment was short lived when you smirked to yourself and pulled the last jumper off the rack. John would appreciate its humour.

Standing in line at the checkouts you were called, quickly and swiftly stuffed the items in a bag as you didn’t want Sherlock or John to see them. Sherlock stood at the end of the check-out area conversing with John who shushed Sherlock, who had his back to you, when you were walking towards them. You smiled playfully.

“Oh am I not allowed in on your little boy conversation?” You asked jokingly. John laughed a quiet laugh and informed you that they were discussing gifts and that it would defeat the purpose if you knew. You spent around an hour gathering decorations for Mrs. Hudson and the apartment, as Mrs. Hudson’s were all battered and broken from years of use. Sherlock offered to carry the bags but you distributed them evenly among the three of you.

Stepping out of the taxi you smiled sadly at the bin in the ally way. Your violin sat broken in pieces, it was broken in the apartment blast a while ago. You were meaning to save up for a new one but it was expensive. You refused to use a factory made violin which would have been easier to procure with your current salary! However you were much happier to have Sherlock safe and sound, than your violin. You would never tell him how you felt for fear of losing your friendship with him. You loved him too much to have himself cut from your life.

Sherlock followed your eyes and ran his hand up and down your arm awkwardly, but you smiled as he was attempting to comfort you. As a fellow violinist he could empathise with you. You placed your hand over his and walked inside. Mrs. Hudson helped you decorate the building. While Sherlock and John did the apartment, they were waiting for you to join them so you could all decorate the tree. Sherlock didn’t understand why but John just scolded him and told him to ‘Bloody wait!’You soon headed upstairs to help the boys with the tree and when you were all done it was arguably the best looking tree in London.

You sat at the kitchen table wrapping gifts while John and Sherlock were wrapping theirs in their rooms.  You bit your lip wrapping the purple shirt ‘SOOOOOHOT!’ you mentally screamed as you finished up. John emerged from his room a few minutes after you finished your wrapping, and sat beside you making small talk. The three of you were going to have a quiet Christmas. John would be going to his girlfriend's for dinner though, so you weren’t going to cook too much. Which caused you to be ecstatic, you hated cooking Christmas meals, people weren’t afraid to criticize food at Christmas, well Sherlock was never afraid to but he seemed to enjoy your cooking. Going to bed that night you were extremely excited thus making it an extremely difficult task. However you willed yourself to sleep and slept peacefully through the night.

“(Name), you gonna get up?” John asked quietly. At first you glared groggily at him, but soon the date caught up with you and you launched out of bed and gave John a huge hug. Both you and John looked to the door when you heard music loudly playing from the sitting room. You peaked out the door and saw Sherlock in his pjs but so engrossed in his playing that you didn't want to disturb him. John smiled at you and you nodded and when Sherlock hit the chorus you both began to sing.

“Hark how the bells sweet silver bells all seem to say throw cares away Christmas is here bringing good cheer to young and old meek and the bold!” You sang and Sherlock smirked with his eyes closed and began to sing quietly himself. You thought you would die, it was a Christmas miracle to hear Sherlock sing. His voice was amazing, deep and smooth. He finished playing and you waltzed over to hug him. He accepted the hug somewhat awkwardly.

“Merry Christmas.” Sherlock murmured. You led him and John to the tree and made them sit on the floor while you ran to retrieve their gifts. Slowly you handed John his, you visibly bounced with excitement.

“Trust me I’m a doctor, very clever (Name).” John smirked reading his new jumper. “Thank you.” He smiled giving you a small kiss on the cheek. You handed him a small plush hedgehog too. Wrapping your arms around his neck you squeezed him before releasing him.

Sherlock looked pleasantly surprised when you handed him his gift. He knew you wanted to get him something but he knew he could be offensive at times and wondered if you would in the end. Sherlock unwrapped it gingerly and smiled happily. His bright eyes smiled at you and he gave you a smirk.

“Please...go try it on now.” You cried smiling from ear to ear. He entered his room and exited just as quickly fully dressed. Yup! you buried your face in your hands and John laughed at you, you were sure he knew how Sherlock held your heart without even knowing it. Sherlock smirked realising he was causing you to have this reaction. He crouched beside you and kissed your cheek. Your cheeks flushed a bright red and you muttered something about the rooms temperature rising. You handed him a small plush otter, still unable to look at him.

“Thank you, love.” He smirked when you squeaked and hugged him. “My turn.”
John insisted he gave you the present from him first. You unwrapped it and laughed a shy and awkward laugh. It was a t-shirt that read ‘I’m with the consulting detective’. You laughed more heartily and hugged John tightly. His phone buzzed and  unfortunately he had to leave. Damn his girlfriend! Not that you disliked her but she was taking John away on Christmas! You didn’t mind too much you still had Sherlock with you. You made some coffee for yourself and Sherlock. You smiled at the to cups, of course you made two. You loved Sherlock but you could never tell him but you suffered through your pain to stay close with him. Better have him as a friend than not have him at all. He could never feel the same way, right?

“(Name) come here.” Sherlock commanded softly. You entered the sitting room and your knees gave out, Sherlock luckily bounded up and caught you laughing (no it wasn’t Benny naked soz). Right in front of you was the most beautiful violin. Its orange-brown wood glistening in the light and you felt hot tears stream down your face.

“S-Sh-Sherlock thank you!” You cried into his chest. You clawed at his shirt and he just smiled at you stroking your (h/c) locks. He lifted you to your feet and brought you foreword. You couldn't believe it, he had bought you a violin!

“Play with me?”(totally no duel meaning ;3) He asked softly, positioning his violin under his chin. You nodded enthusiastically, propping your violin on your shoulder. You began with ‘Carol of the bells’ what could you say? You liked your songs dramatic. The music you both made was wonderful and people on the street stopped and listened as your windows were open. You didn't want to stop playing but your fingers did have a limit. You finished and headed to the kitchen to begin dinner and Sherlock followed you and grabbed your wrist before you could enter the kitchen. Turning to him you smiled softly but slightly confused.

“What is it Sherlock?” You asked confusion written all over your beautiful features. Sherlock just smirked and pointed up. There hung a small bit of mistletoe. You didn’t wait you just smashed your lips against his. Forgetting all your fear, Christmas seemed to instil a new bravery in you. Sherlock smirked against the kiss and placed his large hands on your cheeks, pulling you towards him. He nipped at your lip and you gladly opened you mouth and let your tongues explore each other. You both pulled away reluctantly for air. Sherlock placed his forehead against your and just stared into you (e/c) orbs.

“Merry Christmas, love” He pecked your lips once more. “I love you too.”
Here is my Christmas Sherlock x Reader. Did you guys know Benny and Martin can sing?! Anyway enjoy, who should I do next?
P.s Am I the only one who finds little innuendos in the last few paragraphs? XD
Couls also be called 'How the purple shirt of sex came into possession of Sherlock Holms' 
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This is amazing its so cute I love it!!!!! :D
Thank you so much! :iconsupertighthugplz:
you're welcome!!! :)
zKariLuna 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
johns gift i cannot even begin to tell you how much i laughed..XD the purple s.e.x shirt lol..i love this so much.
Yay! I am soooo happy you enjoyed it!!! :D
VascarraWild 2 days ago  Student Writer
Amazing. *bows to your awesomeness*
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it :D
VascarraWild 8 hours ago  Student Writer
It was great thank you.
Haha I get the otter and hedgehog plush ref.
Haha yes that was a tiny Easter egg for people! XD
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