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January 20


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Sherlock cursed the pointless holiday! The only reason he was taking part in it was because his 4 year old Arthur begged him with puppy eyes. Sherlock sighed dragging his feet as he carried his son’s Halloween costume to his bedroom. Now, Sherlock didn’t ever dream he was going to get married, ever! But alas he did and it was awkward, so very awkward as he proposed, but you still loved him. Entering the boys room he saw his wife and son sitting on the bed waiting expectantly. Sherlock in truth had no idea what costume it was, all he knew was that he had to collect it. Placing the bag on the bed beside Arthur he watched as his son smiled up at you and tore through the bag. He handed the outfit to you, his mother, still leaving Sherlock in the dark.

“Oh, my handsome boy!” You cooed as you dressed him up. He hopped out from behind you and attacked Sherlock with a foam sword. Sherlock smirked happily; his son had his love of pirates.

“You won’t kill anyone with that blow, see you need to hit a vital-“

“Sherlock.” You warned before he went into gruesome detail about murder in front of Arthur. Arthur smiled up at Sherlock and grabbed his hand.

“Daddy, it’s your turn.” Arthur grinned shoving his father into his bedroom, where on the bed sat a larger pirate costume. You followed with a giggle as you heard Sherlock mumble curses under his breath. Sherlock was about to say no but he saw Arthur hugging his leg and looking up at him with expectant eyes. Sighing Sherlock dawned the pirate costume, hat and all.

“Hello, Captain.” You smirked with a whistle from the door way, causing Sherlock to toss you a quick wink. Arthur looked confused but just shrugged and grabbed his parent’s hands.

However before the three of you could even go to one house Lestrade had summoned Sherlock. Arthur deduced the situation and his big (e/c) eyes began to water as he father would be leaving. You attempted to comfort your young son and you seemed to be succeeding however Sherlock was having his own dilemma. He did not want to leave his son on Halloween. So grasping his son in his arms he quickly pecked you on the lips before summoning a cab and placing Arthur in it. Running up to the cab you grabbed Sherlock before he entered.

“Sherlock where are you going, he is too young!” You cried as any protective and sane mother would but Sherlock smiled reassuringly and stated it was merely a murder attempt and Sherlock just had to decided who attempted it and why. You looked at Arthur who was bouncing happily and giving you his famous puppy eyes. Sighing you smiled and kissed Sherlock and blew Arthur a kiss too.

“Fine but be home before ten.” You stated, you were somewhat happy to have an hour or two to relax and you knew your son was in the best hands in the entire world, your husbands.

Arthur smiled up at his father happily leaning into him. Sherlock wrapped his arm around his son with a soft smile gracing his lips. Sherlock explained about what was going to happen and Arthur listened intently with the upmost curiosity. Lestrade ran to the taxi to
greet Sherlock but did a double take when he saw his nephew too. He also had to hold back a laugh as two pirates had come to solve the crime.

“Sherlock what is Arthur doing here?!” Greg cried looking at the two smirking males. Arthur was really just like Sherlock.

“I’m here with my partner.” Sherlock stated simply carrying Arthur to where the suspects were seated. After deducing them all Sherlock decided it was the brother and was about to tell his brother in law. Arthur grasped his father’s hand and motioned for him to bend down, Sherlock obliged.

“It was the other brother, daddy, though the first brother disliked him, he would not have murdered him. He has a small son and he was holding a picture his child drew for him in his pocket. He is too sentimental.” Arthur stated continuing to explain and Sherlock found himself nodding realising he missed something which Arthur hadn’t. Sherlock kissed his son’s cheeks before ruffling his hair. Arthur giggled happily and hugged his father’s leg as Sherlock explained to Lestrade.
In the taxi Sherlock turned to Arthur.

“That was very impressive Arthur, I am very proud.” Sherlock smiled patting Arthur’s head. Arthur smirked and mimicked Sherlock’s thinking pose.

“Oh, it was all quite elementary, dear daddy.” Arthur murmured before falling asleep. Sherlock chuckled and carried his son to his bed and tucked him in. You smiled from the doorway and Sherlock turned with a soft smile. You both then proceeded to bed together and Sherlock told you about how amazing your son was and that he loved you both above anything else.
Yay another part of Daddy!Sherlock drabbles enjoy! 
Daddy!Sherlock x Mommy!Reader:…
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Silenced-Nocturne Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just so adorable and perfect~ 

Have you considered making more? 
Ia-Loves-Art Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
Thank you and yeah I do have a few ideas for some more :3
x-Chibi-Ninja-Chan-x Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I would be the proudest mommy in the world if I was really there Blush Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Whew Sigh) [V3] 
Ia-Loves-Art Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
Awwww I'm glad you like it :3
Kittyzandueta Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Ia-Loves-Art Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
...dear daddy :3
ShadowofThunder Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This... makes me want to rewatch all episodes *grabs the DVDs* 
So cute <3
Ia-Loves-Art Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Haha I am so glad you liked it!!! Plus your icon is awesome GABRIEL XD just said I'd say it :)
ShadowofThunder Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aww no problem sugar Hug 

yeah he's awesome isn't he? *cuddles gabriel*
Ia-Loves-Art Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Haha yes he is! :icongabehellzyeahplz:
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