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January 14


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Sherlock would never admit it but he loved you, treasured you but he had no idea what you were making your child read. Oh yes! You both had a child together, after a night of consuming copious amounts of alcohol and deciding to experiment afterwards, back on point, you woke up with Sherlock in his bed and later that week found out you were pregnant. Sherlock nearly fainted.

“Not that I approve of fiction but Arthur seems to be at the level to read something like the hobbit not this baby rubbish.” Sherlock whined holding your three year old between his legs, while your son skimmed through the book. You smiled fondly at your son, Arthur; he was like a mini Sherlock, the same curly chocolate locks, attitude and mental capacity. All he got from you was your eye colour.

“Sherlock he is only 3.” You shrugged sipping your tea. Sherlock kissed Arthur’s head and hopped to his feet eyes flying over the bookcase before he pulled out an old copy of the hobbit. Resuming his seat behind Arthur he held the book open in front of him and instructed him to read aloud. To your amazement Arthur read it almost perfectly. Sherlock smirked up at you as you kneeled in front of Arthur and held his cheeks in your hands.

“You are my amazing boy!” You cried planting kisses all over his face.

“Mommy!” He whined. You just giggled and sat in front of him and Sherlock. He looked between his mother and father.

“Why doesn’t daddy live with us?” He questioned with bright (e/c) orbs. You looked to
Sherlock for an answer but he seemed to be looking at you for one.

“Daddy do you not love Mommy?” Arthur questioned turning in Sherlock’s arms. Sherlock’s bright blue eyes went wide and he wrapped his arm around Arthur.

“That is in no way the case, I love your mother very much, we...we were just friends before and we miss that.” He attempted to explain. Arthur glared at his father and pointed a small finger in his face.

“You can still be friends if you love someone.” He stated and you stared shocked at how your son was comprehending the situation.

“Your father and I have a complicated relationship but we both love you above anything in the entire world.” You whispered kissing your small son’s cheek as he yawned loudly. Sherlock lifted him up and brought him to his bedroom, gently laying him under the covers as you wrapped the blanket around him. You smiled fondly at him and noticed Sherlock doing the same. Grasping Sherlock’s hand you led him out of the room and sat on the couch with him.

“He really is something, isn’t he?” You grinned and turned to look at Sherlock who nodded. Your brows furrowed as you needed to talk to Sherlock about what you would say to Arthur when he got more curious about his mommy and daddy.

“ you, do you know that?” Sherlock questioned turning to you. Of course you loved Sherlock but you never thought he would reciprocate that love.

“I love you too.” You whispered still in shock. Leaning over slowly Sherlock gently captured your lips and you both moved in sync. Three years! You had been missing this for three years! Sherlock smirked against you lips and pulled back opening his arms for you the settle in them. At first Sherlock was slightly tense but he soon relaxed to the feel of you in his arms. You looked up at him and watched as his eyes scanned your apartment.

“I’ve loved you all this time, surly you knew.” You whispered with tears pricking the sides of your eyes. Sherlock closed his eyes with a frown on his face and you noticed his nostrils flare as he thought. He nodded and you looked over into the flames of your fire.

“Why didn’t you call me on it?”

“I was convincing myself that it was okay to be in love with you.” Sherlock murmured with tear glazed eyes. “It was hard. I had to accept that I was in love and that it was right, I grew up with Mycroft telling me love was pointless and wrong. You needed a man who could love you naturally and tenderly and without the nagging voice in his mind stating it was wrong to be in love and if you’ll have me... I think I’m ready to be that man now.” Sherlock explained and you felt the hot tears fall as you held Sherlock tightly burying your face in his shirt. He kissed the top of your head as you nodded against his chest. Sherlock captured your lips once more but this time more passionately letting his tongue explore your mouth.

“So is daddy going to live with us now?” A small tired voice asked from the doorway, causing both you and Sherlock to jump away from each other. Sherlock smirked at his son.

“No, you’re both coming to live with me.” He stated and your son ran over and tackled you both. Squealing happily he kissed both your cheeks.

“I knew you both loved each other!” He cried happy his hypothesis was correct. Sherlock made to carry Arthur back to his bed room but Arthur crawled onto your lap.

“Can I stay in your bed tonight?” He asked with big puppy eyes and he knew you wouldn’t refuse. Sherlock chuckled crossing his arms.

“He has you wrapped around his finger (Name).” Sherlock’s deep voice chuckled, you nodded fully knowing. So carrying Arthur you and Sherlock made your way to your bedroom. The moment Arthur hit the bed he was lulled to sleep by the warmth surrounding him. You crawled into bed beside him as you were already in your pyjamas. Sherlock stayed in his shirt and boxers and hoped in beside Arthur and you. He reached over and grasped your hand delicately before falling asleep. You drifted off with a content smile on your face.
Sitting up in the morning Arthur’s small hands desperately patted the sheet around him, fearing last night was all a dream. He immediately calmed down as he felt his father’s curly hair on one side and his mother’s (h/c) locks on the other. Lying back down he decided it was too early to annoy the two of you and drifted back into a peaceful sleep.
I don't know, it just happened. I hope you enjoy Sherlock fluff.
Your son's name is Arthur, deal with it hehe and before you say Arthur Kirkland, no, as much as I love him I chose the name after Arthur Conan Doyle :) 
Want more? Here ya go!
Daddy!Sherlock x Mommy!Reader: Elementary…
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